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MySQL Backup and FTP: An Easy and Handy MySQL Backup Utility

  Jan 20, 2012     25810 Views      Tools & Utilities , Web , MySQL       Comments (3)   

There are many ways out there to automate the backup process of SQL Databases. I have been using some of them over the time and was found something missing in it on the functionality side. Quite recently I started using the MySQL Backup FTP tool which is really handy and I would say it does the job perfectly on taking the databases backups.

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CFDocs Google Chrome Extension

  Nov 27, 2011     20366 Views      Tools & Utilities , Chrome Extensions , ColdFusion       Comments (2) is one of the sites I use to visit often for ColdFusion tags and functions documentation. Like my Google Chrome extension for CFQuickDocs I thought of creating one for CFDocs site as well so I created this little Google Chrome extension for

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Scheduling Tasks in Windows 7

  Jul 31, 2011     13252 Views      Tools & Utilities , Windows 7       Comments (3)   

Windows 7 makes many things simpler and one of them which I would really like is the Task Scheduler feature. Task Scheduler in Windows 7 helps you to perform automation of tasks which can be run on regular intervals or can be schedule to run Daily, Weekly or on the Monthly basis.

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ColdFusion QuickDocs Google Chrome Extension

  Sep 7, 2010     15030 Views      Tools & Utilities , Web , Google , Chrome Extensions , ColdFusion       Comments (10)   

I'm a big fan of and I use it often for referring the attributes and parameters of the ColdFusion tags and functions. CFQuickDocs is already having plug-ins for Firefox and IE but not for the Google Chrome browser. So the Idea came yesterday to me that Instead of going to the CFQuickDocs site every time to refer something on ColdFusion why don't I create a Chrome Extension for it? So to make it simple I created the ColdFusion QuickDocs Google Chrome extension.

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Navicat MySQL Database Editor

  Dec 30, 2009     15668 Views      Tools & Utilities , MySQL       Comments (13)   

I tried and used some database administration tools for MySQL but I feel like something was missing in its features. Recently I started using Navicat for MySQL database management which is really awesome and having many features which can be used to solve and manage your database with a very minimal amount of time.

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Preview of Adobe BrowserLab available at Adobe Labs

  Jun 3, 2009     5462 Views      Tools & Utilities , Web , Adobe       Comments (0)   

Adobe BrowserLab a hosted service from Adobe hits Labs today which helps developers and designers for performing cross-browser testing of their web pages and sites.

Adobe BrowerLab:
BrowserLab Extension for Dreamweaver CS4:

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Get Your Dropbox Beta!

  Sep 13, 2008     5183 Views      Tools & Utilities       Comments (0)   

Dropbox allows you to share and store your files, folders, photos online. Storing data over Dropbox is as easiest like just drag and drop your files and folders into Dropbox folder in your PC and it will get automatically synchronized with the Dropbox servers and goes online to your web account.

Get Your Dropbox at :
Info about Dropbox launch:

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