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Creating Windows in HTML and JavaScript AIR Applications

  Jun 1, 2009     13562 Views      Web , Learning       Comments (5)   

Adobe AIR is such a great technology from Adobe for developers who wish to use their existing web development knowledge to create Desktop application. If you would like to learn more on using jQuery with AIR please do keep an eye on Andy Mathews and Jason Dean blogs.

In my previous post about AIR for Web Developers where I have explained about Installing AIR SDK and creating, testing and running your AIR Application using command prompt in Windows OS and for using Aptana with AIR follow this blog post by Andy Mathews. So now let's starts with a simple example of creating windows in AIR Application. Apart from the initial main window, we can also creates other windows in HTML based AIR application. We can create two types of window and they are called as standard HTML windows which look similar as windows in web browsers and Native windows which look similar to the windows of native Operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

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A Project Guide to UX Design by Peachpit Press

  May 2, 2009     11121 Views      Books , Learning       Comments (0)   

As part of my learning in UX design I finished reading the "A Project Guide to UX Design", written by Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler and Published by Peachpit Press. This is my first book in UX Design category and I have no chance to read any other books in this category but this book gave me an immense number of ideas and knowledge on how to create and deliver a great user experience projects, integrating UX design on projects, adopting best UX practices and lots more.

A Project Guide to UX DesignFrom starting to end every chapter in the book is well written and covers on various sections like Project Ecosystem, Project type identification, writing project proposal, doing user Research, and transition of project defining to designing and so on.

A chapter on project proposal for Freelancers and consultants covers all the core components of writing a project proposal from defining a title page to payment schedule, Acknowledgment and project sign-off and what need to be included in each and every part of the project proposal it's really a great chapter for peoples going to start writing their first project proposal. The chapters 4 and 5 describes about the setting up project objectives and different project approaches of covering the common steps need to be include in every Project Plan like, Define, Design, Develop, Deploy and Extend. Another chapter on Business Requirements talks about understanding the current state of the project and how to prioritize requirements based on the project objective and how to plan and run meeting effectively this thing are really helpful for each and everyone who are working as freelancer or as a team member in a company.

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Adobe AIR For Web Developers

  Jan 18, 2009     9109 Views      Web , Learning       Comments (4)   

This is a quick guide for setting up the AIR SDK and running your HTML based AIR Desktop Application on windows operating system. This topic might be an old one for seasoned AIR developers but I hope this is useful for AIR beginners like me.

Download and Install Java JRE or JDK: AIR SDK requires either JRE or JDK to be installed on you computer. If you have JRE or JDK installed in your computer move to next step. You can download Java JRE at and the java JDK at

Download and Install AIR SDK: Download AIR SDK at and choose the windows version. Extract the AIR SDK content to another location on your computer. I have extracted the content to "D:\Program Files\Adobe AIR\AIRSDK\". Note: Please do remember the location you've extracted the SDK.

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BlogCFC Redesign

  Jan 13, 2009     9492 Views      Web , BlogCFC , Learning , ColdFusion       Comments (6)   

As part of my 2009 task list and to improve my knowledge in web design I have planned to change my blog look and feel. So I played with the BlogCFC code and want to say that it's really easy to change the entire theme and implement a new look and feel for your blog. All the credits go to ColdFusion Jedi for his brilliant BlogCFC project to CF community. I used styleshout template for the theme and modified the design according to my interest. Let me know what you think about this new design and thanks for stopping here to read my post.

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