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ColdFusion Positions in Noida and Bangalore (India)

  Feb 10, 2009     6477 Views      India , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

McGraw-Hill Education (Noida, India) is looking for Manager, Sr. Software Engineer, Software Engineer with minimum of 5 years Experience in web technologies and minimum of 2 years experience in ColdFusion. Other requirement includes experience in Oracle Database or SQL Server, HTML and Javascript. Good knowledge in system administration, web server configuration, Adobe Flash, Flex and Actionscript is an added advantage. Contact Irfan Mohd or reach him at +91 9711987810 for more details.

MindTree Ltd (Bangalore, India) is looking for an Experience ColdFusion developer with Strong Database and Web development Knowledge with 4+ Years of Experience in ColdFusion. Send your resumes to Me.

Adobe ColdFusion 8 Wins the Web Development Award at Great India Developer Summit

  Feb 10, 2009     5484 Views      India , Adobe , ColdFusion       Comments (1)   

It's been a pride moment for ColdFusion developers and ColdFusion Community in India after hearing the announcement from Great India Developer summit 2008 about ColdFusion 8 is selected as the Winner for Web Development Award. As per the Great India Developer summit ColdFusion is consider as a best web development and deployment tools that are helping developers and designers push the boundaries of the web.

The very interesting news is that ColdFusion 8 is selected as winner for the Award after fighting a neck to neck battle with ASP.NET and Oracle WebCenter. Check out for more details at

ColdFusion Positions In Chennai and Hyderabad (India)

  Jul 18, 2008     4016 Views      India , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdFusion Positions In Chennai and Hyderabad(India)

  • Petra Technologies Inc (Chennai, India) is looking for a ColdFusion Consultant with minimum Experience. Requirements include 10G Oracle Database, MVC Framework skills, as well as Knowledge in AJAX, Flash, XML, CSS will be added advantage. Contact Joshua.
  • Clavib (Hyderabad, India) is looking for an Experience ColdFusion developer with Strong Database Knowledge with 5 Years of Experience in IT. Contact Kalyan Kumar.

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