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ChennaiCFUG September Meeting: Flex 3 in RIA and Adobe CS4 Launch Party

  Sep 18, 2008     4538 Views      Adobe , Chennai CFUG       Comments (0)   

Session 1: Flex 3 in RIA Development

This session will cover the basic overview of Adobe Flex 3 and about developing Rich Internet Application using Flex by N.S.Devraj.

Session 2: It's Going To Be Brilliant ‐ Adobe CS4 Launch Party

Be one of the first to see the next big thing from Adobe on 27 Sep 2008 with Chennai Adobe ColdFusion User Group. Join in to see and hear first hand how something very special will help you get to brilliant faster. Save the date and get a good look at what's to come.

If you would like to participate in the Adobe CS4 special webcast on 23 September, 2008, you can sign up here at

Simon Free Presentation Recording Available: CF Software Architecture for Web 2.0

  Jul 29, 2008     3183 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

I'd like to thank Simon Free for his presentation to India CFUG. The presentation can view online at

Chennai CFUG July Meeting: CF Software Architecture for Web 2.0

  Jul 23, 2008     3528 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Chennai ColdFusion User Group Next Meeting is on July 25, 2008 and will discuss about CF Software Architecture for Web 2.0. In this session Simon Free will discuss how best to architect your CF code so that it can be easily extended to be used with the default CF8 AJAX features, as well as Flex and Lifecycle. Simon will take a simple application and see what steps you must take to extend it to work in these technologies.

This will be an online meeting and you can find more information about meeting at CFUG India.

O'Reilly's : Flex Cookbook Cook-Off Contest

  Jun 3, 2008     4335 Views      Chennai CFUG       Comments (0)   

This summer, O'Reilly Media announces the Flex Cookbook Cook-Off contest to celebrate the recent publication of Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers written by Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and a selection of authors whose recipes were plucked from the Adobe Flex Cookbook web site.

From June 2-August 1 we invite you to submit your best code recipes for the chance to win some great prizes. Four winners will be chosen during the contest period. The prizes Include:

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Free ColdFusion Training by ColdFusion User Group, India

  May 14, 2008     5412 Views      Adobe , Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

India ColdFusion User Group is giving Free ColdFusion training in Hyderabad for Developers and IT Professionals to give further insight into the ColdFusion Technology. This Training is intended to encourage the People to learn ColdFusion to build compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and components based on ColdFusion technologies.

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Ben Nadel Presentation About ClearCode Standards Projects For Chennai CFUG and Hyderabad CFUG, India

  Apr 27, 2008     3757 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Yesterday, Ben Nadel gave a great connect presentation to both Chennai and Hyderabad ColdFusion User Groups about his ClearCode Standards Project. The Presentation went really great and it will be really useful to create and deliver application with better coding standards and conventions in ColdFusion. He clearly explained about the Code readability, alignment, Spaces between values, assignment statements, functions and scope variables case and standards.

I'd like to thank Ben Nadel for his excellent presentation and also want to thank Clark Valberg and Ayub Khan for making this event a great success for India CFUG.

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Reminder: Chennai CFUG April Meet - Benefits of a ColdFusion Coding Standard

  Apr 23, 2008     3379 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Join the Chennai ColdFusion User Group Meeting to Learn about Benefits of a ColdFusion Coding Standard:

Join the Chennai ColdFusion User Group meeting on about Benefits of a ColdFusion Coding Standards Ben Nadel to discuss the benefits of coding standards. This will be online meeting. The recorded meeting will be available on Saturday at Chennai ColdFusion User Group.

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