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Hiding Whitespace, New Line and Carriage Return Characters in ColdFusion Builder

  Jun 24, 2011     20249 Views      CFEclipse , CFBuilder       Comments (8)   

Just a quick note to myself, this issue is happened to me previously and I somehow forget how I fixed it. Yesterday I accidently enabled the Whitespace characters in ColdFusion Builder which in turn displays the new line (\n) and carriage return (\r) characters as well in the Editor.

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Eclipse Plugins for ColdFusion

  Mar 29, 2009     12543 Views      Web , CFEclipse , ColdFusion       Comments (9)   

I have been using Eclipse for ColdFusion development both at my home and work with the CFEclipse plugin and I'm wondering what other developers in the ColdFusion community are using along with CFEclipse plugin for to make our daily job easy and more productive. These are the plugins I'm using along with CFEclipse so please share your plugins for ColdFusion development.

1. CFEclipse ‐ The core for the ColdFusion Development with Eclipse.

2. CF 8 Extensions for Eclipse ‐ This includes Interactive environment for debugging with ColdFusion server, RDS Data view, Log Viewer, ColdFusion Ajax and Flex Wizards.

3. Subclipse ‐ Plugin for Subversion version control system.

4. SnipEx Servers ‐ SnipEx servers are really helpful for to have a handy code snippets for development. I'm using the snippets of by Ray Camden and by Todd Sharp both these snippet are very useful.

5. Amateras ‐ Plugin for HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript with code completion, code outline and code validations. Contents assist for HTML and HTML code preview with source and preview tab feature in Eclipse IDE. Amateras also includes wizards for adding JavaScript libraries, HTML and XML files.

6. XmlBuddy ‐ Plugin for validating XML documents and XML Schemas.

Using QueryParam Scanner

  Mar 21, 2009     9088 Views      CFEclipse , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Last month while fixing an issue in a very old code I have found that some of the queries haven't had the cfqueryparam for variables in SQL statements. So I thought of fixing all these queries in that application and want to implement cfqueryparam for all parameters. But It will take more time to search all the cfquery that are not having cfqueryparam in SQL statements correct but QueryParam Scanner by Peter Boughton will make this task very easier for me.

Installing QueryParam Scanner is really easy just download the code from or from and unzipped its content to your web root that's it you have done. Now you can start scanning your applications for all the missing cfqueryparam tags in the cfquery. The UI of QueryParam Scanner is simple and very friendly and it has various options on the result output formats after scanning.

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How to Enable Line Numbers in CFEclipse 1.3.2

  Mar 6, 2009     8290 Views      CFEclipse       Comments (3)   

Problem: I got an issue when I installed the CFEclipse in one of my system at work place. The installed versions are Eclipse 3.3.2 Europa and CFEclipse 1.3.2 beta. In previous version of CFEclipse we have the option for enabling line numbers by selecting "Windows > Preferences > CFEclipse > Editor > Show Line Number Checkbox". But this is not available in CFEclipse 1.3.2. There is another way for enabling is by right clicking the editor and check marking the "Show Line Numbers" this is also not worked for me. After goggling I have found the solution from CFEclipse discussion group.

Solution: Navigate to your Eclipse Workspace and open the File org.cfeclipse.cfml.prefs from "Workspace > .metadata > .plugins >. org.eclipse.core.runtime > .settings" folder and add this line at the end of the page.


Close the page and restart CFEclipse. Now you can able to see the line numbers in CFEclipse.

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