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ColdFusion Builder: Code Assist for Included Files

  May 10, 2010     11883 Views      CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdFusion Builder comes with number of code assistance features and one which is really useful and handy is the code assist for included files. This feature will display the hints for the variables, methods, structures, and queries results etc., which are defined in a page to the included page.

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ColdFusion Builder: Using HTML Code Formatter

  Apr 21, 2010     17082 Views      CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Code formatting is always a handy tool to make our codes aligned with tabs for better readability. ColdFusion Builder by default includes a HTML Tidy Code Formatter which does the formatting of HTML codes perfectly. We can use this feature in HTML files by right clicking on the editor and selecting the "Run HTML Tidy".

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ColdFusion Builder is Free for Education

  Mar 22, 2010     11564 Views      Adobe , Web , CFBuilder       Comments (1)   

ColdFusion Builder is also joins the Family of Free RIA Tools from Adobe. After the release of ColdFusion Builder 1.0 version adobe makes it's free for Education purposes. More details can be available at ColdFusion Builder Rocks!

Adobe ColdFusion Builder Released

  Mar 22, 2010     10215 Views      Adobe , CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Long awaited ColdFusion Builder finally hits the Adobe stores today. After crossing its 3 beta stages ColdFusion Builder have been significantly improved in performance. I've been using it from the Beta 1 to Beta 3 and in between private alphas and I don't think I will be comfortable with any other IDE for ColdFusion development. My all time favorite feature in ColdFusion Builder is developing Extensions using ColdFusion itself which is really an amazing one.

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Chennai CFUG ColdFusion Builder Special Event

  Mar 20, 2010     8827 Views      CFBuilder , Chennai CFUG       Comments (0)   

The Chennai ColdFusion User Group is hosting its ColdFusion Builder Special Event on coming March 30, 2010. In this Event Dipanwita Sarkar from Adobe ColdFusion Builder team will be demonstrating the awesome new features, extension and some insight into the future of ColdFusion Builder. This is an amazing opportunity to all of us to know more about the ColdFusion Builder IDE from the ColdFusion Builder team itself. This will be an Adobe Connect Meeting and more details are available at the Chennai ColdFusion User Group site.

Getting Started with ColdFusion Builder Reference Card

  Mar 15, 2010     8820 Views      CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

DZone just released the ColdFusion Builder Reference card was written by Adobe Platform Evangelist Terrence Ryan. This is a second Refcard from DZone followed by ColdFusion 9 Reference card which was released on August 2009 written by Terrence Ryan.

ColdFusion Builder: Enabling and Disabling Auto-Close Tags

  Mar 4, 2010     14709 Views      CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (1)   

Auto closing of tags is always a great feature to have in our ColdFusion pages. ColdFusion Builder bring us some more additional options on enabling and disabling the Auto-close tags feature like in the below image and we can set this auto-close feature by selecting Preferences > ColdFusion > Editor Profiles > Editor >Typing.

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