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Blog is now powered by Railo CFML

  Mar 10, 2013     27152 Views      Railo , MySQL , BlogCFC , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

I moved my blog from CF 8 and SQL Server to Railo and MySQL as backend three months before. The migration went very smooth and till date I didn't have any issues. Since I'm using blogCFC for my blog I didn't do much on the coding front rather the changes happened on the SQL Server to MySQL conversion only. I would like to thank Charlie Arehart for helping and Jordon & Mark from Viviotech for providing the hosting for my site.

Adding Highslide JS to BlogCFC

  Jan 7, 2010     15356 Views      Web , BlogCFC , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

This post is to show how simply we can add Highslide JS to your blogCFC blog in a 4 simple steps. Highslide JS is an open source JavaScript image, media and gallery viewer library and its free only for Non-commercial use more details are at Highslide site read it before you start using in your blog. Highslide will be very useful in placing full size images at your blog without worrying about your blog layout size or width. Here are the steps on how we can include Highslide to blogCFC blog.

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Creating a Yearly Archives Pod in blogCFC

  Mar 14, 2009     10366 Views      BlogCFC , ColdFusion       Comments (3)   

This post is to show how we can create a yearly archive pod in blogCFC. I have recently modified my blogCFC design and I'm really happy on that customization. So the first thing we need to do is adding a new function in the blog.cfc component which is under org > camden > blog folder in your blog root.

<cffunction name="getYearlyArchives" access="remote" returnType="query" output="false"
hint="Function to fetch the blogged years.">

<cfset var getYearlyArchives = "" />

<cfquery name="getYearlyArchives" datasource="#instance.dsn#" username="#instance.username#" password="#instance.password#">
   Select year(tblblogentries.posted) as bloggedyears
   From    tblblogentries
   Where = <cfqueryparam value="" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">
   group by year(tblblogentries.posted)
   order by bloggedyears desc

<cfreturn getYearlyArchives />


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BlogCFC Redesign

  Jan 13, 2009     9452 Views      Web , BlogCFC , Learning , ColdFusion       Comments (6)   

As part of my 2009 task list and to improve my knowledge in web design I have planned to change my blog look and feel. So I played with the BlogCFC code and want to say that it's really easy to change the entire theme and implement a new look and feel for your blog. All the credits go to ColdFusion Jedi for his brilliant BlogCFC project to CF community. I used styleshout template for the theme and modified the design according to my interest. Let me know what you think about this new design and thanks for stopping here to read my post.

Welcome to My New ColdFusion Web Log

  Apr 19, 2008     6274 Views      BlogCFC , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Welcome to my new ColdFusion web log. I am using BlogCFC for the blogging section of this site and would like to thank Raymond Camden for his excellent BlogCFC Application.

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