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Adobe Devsummit at Bangalore

  Jul 23, 2009     5917 Views      Adobe , India       Comments (0)   

Ben Forta and Serge Jaspers are coming to Bangalore to present at the Adobe Devsummit at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore on 4th August 2009. The topics are really exciting which includes ColdFusion, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, LifeCycle Data Services and many more. So don't miss this wonderful full day event and will see you all there.

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Chennai CFUG: ColdFusion and Flash Platform Pre Launch Special Event on June 27

  Jun 18, 2009     5384 Views      Adobe , Chennai CFUG , India       Comments (0)   

RIA PreLaunch

On June 27th Raghunath Thircovil, Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist and Manju Kiran, Sr.Lead Software Engineer Adobe ColdFusion team are coming to Chennai to talk about the Next Version of Adobe ColdFusion code named Centaur, New IDE for ColdFusion code named Bolt and about the latest additions to the Adobe Flash Platform: Adobe Flash Builder and Adobe Flash Catalyst.

This is a Full day event with ColdFusion and Flash Platform Session followed by Hands-on training on using Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and ColdFusion. Come learn about the exciting new features and discover how Centaur, Bolt, Flex, and Flash Catalyst will accelerate your application development.

There will be a free lunch, refreshments and giveaways so don't miss this event we have only limited seats. Please Register for the Event here.

Preview of Adobe BrowserLab available at Adobe Labs

  Jun 3, 2009     4603 Views      Adobe , Web , Tools & Utilities       Comments (0)   

Adobe BrowserLab a hosted service from Adobe hits Labs today which helps developers and designers for performing cross-browser testing of their web pages and sites.

Adobe BrowerLab:
BrowserLab Extension for Dreamweaver CS4:

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Adobe ColdFusion 8 Won the Web Development and Deployment tool Award at GIDS 2009

  Apr 27, 2009     5145 Views      Adobe , India , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

I'm really happy to share this with ColdFusion community that Adobe ColdFusion 8 won the best Web Development and deployment tool award that aims to solves the day-to-day challenge of Internet Application Development at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) on last Saturday, 2009. ColdFusion 8 was the winner of last year GIDS award as well for the web development category.

Along with ColdFusion Adobe Flex win the award for Frameworks category which competes with jQuery, Apache Struts, Spring etc., and won the Award. Another winner from Adobe Family is Acrobat Connect Professional for Collaboration solution category which competes with Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, IBM Lotus Connections etc., and won the Award.

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Free Flex Builder 3 Professional For Unemployed Developers

  Apr 3, 2009     6141 Views      Adobe       Comments (0)   

Adobe announced that they are giving Free Flex builder license for developers who are currently unemployed to encourage them to learn Flex and for developers who are affected by the current economic conditions. Along with Flex builder license Safari Books Online is offering access there online Adobe Developer Library books for 60 days.

The details of getting Free Flex Builder license is available at and for more details about this offer read Ben Forta blog at

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Adobe ColdFusion 8 Curriculum for Learning

  Mar 19, 2009     4951 Views      Adobe , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Adobe officially announced the curriculum for ColdFusion for peoples who want to learn ColdFusion. This is another great stuff from Adobe for ColdFusion community after the announcement of ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition is free for Students and Faculties.

The curriculum is designed in such a way to start learning ColdFusion from the scratch for all who want to learn ColdFusion and especially this curriculum will help the students and web developers on learning ColdFusion. The curriculum is classified as two parts as Introduction to ColdFusion and Advance ColdFusion 8 Development. You can read more about the curriculum at here

Both PDF content of the curriculum can be downloaded from here
1. Introduction to ColdFusion 8 Curriculum.
2. Advanced ColdFusion 8 Development.

Adobe ColdFusion, Flex, Flash Platform are Nominated for Great Indian Developer Summit 2009

  Feb 26, 2009     5239 Views      Adobe , India , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

After the Oscar fever here is another big award session and conference called Great India Developer Awards is an annual event happens in India. The event includes various sessions and workshops. Last time ColdFusion won the Award for best Web Development tool. This year ColdFusion, Flex and other Adobe products are nominated fewer then 6 categories. The nominated categories are

So don't wait Vote for ColdFusion and other categories of Adobe products.

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