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Designing Web Interfaces by O'Reilly

  Oct 30, 2010     15305 Views      Web , Books       Comments (0)   

Last week I finished reading Designing Web Interfaces co-authored by Bill Scott and Theresa Neil and published by O'Reilly. The book is not about the visual design or information architecture but it talks about the standards for interaction design, patterns and principles for creating Web sites.

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ColdFusion QuickDocs Google Chrome Extension

  Sep 7, 2010     15030 Views      Tools & Utilities , Web , Google , Chrome Extensions , ColdFusion       Comments (10)   

I'm a big fan of and I use it often for referring the attributes and parameters of the ColdFusion tags and functions. CFQuickDocs is already having plug-ins for Firefox and IE but not for the Google Chrome browser. So the Idea came yesterday to me that Instead of going to the CFQuickDocs site every time to refer something on ColdFusion why don't I create a Chrome Extension for it? So to make it simple I created the ColdFusion QuickDocs Google Chrome extension.

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Useful Google Chrome Extensions

  Sep 2, 2010     12277 Views      Web , Google , Chrome Extensions       Comments (1)   

Google announced the Second anniversary for its Chrome browser today and I'm sure that Chrome has entirely changed our browsing experience in many ways. I've been using Chrome as my default browser from the day of its release because it's faster than Firefox, it's starts quickly, light weight, number of very useful extensions for developers, utilize very less CPU memory and many more.

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ColdFusion Server Team is Blogging

  Aug 26, 2010     14539 Views      India , Adobe , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Title says it's all! The Amazing ColdFusion Server Team is blogging to share and suggest the tips and tricks on ColdFusion Server and related information.

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Chennai CFUG Meeting: Building AJAX Applications with ColdFusion

  Jun 18, 2010     10274 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

The Chennai ColdFusion User Group is having its June month meeting on coming 24th and the topic is Building AJAX Applications with ColdFusion. In this meeting Vamseekrishna & Awdhesh Kumar from Adobe ColdFusion engineering team will be presenting about how we can use the various AJAX & UI features for Creating Rich ColdFusion Applications. This will be an Adobe Connect meeting. Please see the event details on Chennai CFUG site at Adobe Groups for more information and to RSVP (Login with your Adobe ID to RSVP)

ColdFusion Builder Extension: AppCore Creator

  May 14, 2010     13977 Views      AppCore Creator , CFBuilder       Comments (5)   

AppCore Creator is my entry for the CFBuilder contest by Raymond Camden. The Extension will be used to create Core CF Application files which include Application.cfc, Error Handler and Missing Template handler files for ColdFusion MX 7, ColdFusion 8 and 9 versions. Basically the extension performs file copy operation form extension location to the new location.

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ColdFusion Builder: Code Assist for Included Files

  May 10, 2010     13519 Views      CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdFusion Builder comes with number of code assistance features and one which is really useful and handy is the code assist for included files. This feature will display the hints for the variables, methods, structures, and queries results etc., which are defined in a page to the included page.

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