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Contribute to ColdFusion Cookbook and Win CF WACK and CF 8 Developer Tutorial Books

  Nov 4, 2009     8794 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

I'm happy to announce another ColdFusion Cookbook contest, as we all know Adobe recently launched the new ColdFusion Cookbook section. As of now the ColdFusion Cookbook has 123 great recipes. So I'm calling all the ColdFusion developers for to reach the next target of 200 recipes in ColdFusion Cookbook section.

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Chennai CFUG: ColdFusion 9 and Adobe AIR Integration Recording

  Oct 22, 2009     6845 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Today Rakshith gave a wonderful and very informative presentation on about ColdFusion 9 and Abode AIR integration to Chennai CFUG. The recording of the presentation is available here and I have also posted the recording of the presentation to Charlie Arehart's UGTV site.

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Chennai CFUG Meeting: ColdFusion 9 and Adobe AIR Integration

  Oct 19, 2009     6334 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Chennai CFUG is having its October month meeting on coming 22nd and the topic is ColdFusion 9 and Adobe AIR Integration. In this meeting Rakshith from Adobe ColdFusion engineering team will present about the ColdFusion 9 and Adobe AIR Integration. Rakshith will discuss about the ColdFusion 9 offline AIR application support, which includes data persistence and synchronization.

This will be an Adobe Connect meeting. Please see the event details on Chennai CFUG site at Adobe Groups for more information and to RSVP (Login with your Adobe ID to RSVP).

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ColdFusion 9: New Attributes in CFGrid

  Oct 16, 2009     20421 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (3)   

ColdFusion 9 introduces 4 new attributes in CFGrid tag. These attributes are great addition to CFGrid which allows us to expand or collapse the entire grid, we can group the rows in CFGrid by mentioning the group column name which generates a collapsible group of rows in the grid, we can insert a new row in the Grid and we can give a title to the entire CFGrid.

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ColdFusion 9: New Application Level SMTP Sever Settings for CFMail

  Oct 11, 2009     15190 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (5)   

ColdFusion 9 shipped with lots of new features that include some new variables which are added to the Application.cfc file. One among them is the new application level SMTP server setting. We can specify the SMTP server setting details to "smtpServersettings" attribute of THIS scope in Application.cfc which takes three values and they are server, username and password as a structure.

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Released

  Oct 5, 2009     5624 Views      Adobe , CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Finally the wait is over for CF Community to grab ColdFusion 9. Yes Adobe announced the release of ColdFusion 9 and product is available for purchase. And also the ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 is released and available at Adobe Labs.

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Mura CMS a Free ColdFusion Content Management System

  Sep 23, 2009     21285 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

After reading many blog post about Mura CMS, Yesterday I have downloaded and installed it in my system for to explore its features. Mura CMS is really awesome and having tons of features included within it which makes building, deploying and maintaining web sites and its contents very easier. Apart from its excellent features and functionalities Mura CMS is open source and Free.

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