Public beta of ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder available at Adobe Labs

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The public betas of Adobe ColdFusion 9 and new ColdFusion IDE called ColdFusion Builder just hits Adobe Labs.

Get ColdFusion 9 Get ColdFusion Builder

The new features of ColdFusion 9 as mentioned in Adobe Labs:

  • Office file interoperability to easily read, write and update spreadsheets
  • Server Manager to centrally manage multiple ColdFusion servers, simplifying administration of your environment across clusters
  • ColdFusion as a Service to access ColdFusion services through AMF and SOAP without writing CFCs
  • Built in Adobe AIR Local/Remote Database Synchronization
  • Object Relational Mapping to build database independent applications without writing SQL
  • New AJAX controls including multimedia, mapping and more
  • Enhanced Caching to improve performance of your ColdFusion applications

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