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Navicat MySQL Database Editor

  Dec 30, 2009     15707 Views      Tools & Utilities , MySQL       Comments (13)   

I tried and used some database administration tools for MySQL but I feel like something was missing in its features. Recently I started using Navicat for MySQL database management which is really awesome and having many features which can be used to solve and manage your database with a very minimal amount of time.

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ColdFusion Builder: New CFM and CFC File Settings

  Dec 18, 2009     15432 Views      Web , CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (8)   

ColdFusion Builder provides a new option for us to set default contents in our newly created CFM and CFC files. Like code snippets this features will be helpful to place some standard code that we normally used in the CFM files like comment code block or HTML code blocks.

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ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 Available on Adobe Labs

  Dec 17, 2009     10981 Views      Adobe , CFBuilder , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 is now available at Adobe Labs. This release includes many new features and one of my favorite is AIR Application development support. Some of the new features included with this release are as follows.

  • Code Assist for ColdFusion ORM
  • Enhanced SQL Editor
  • AIR application development
  • Support for ExtJS 3.0 libraries

So don't wait to grab your copy. ColdFusion Builder Rocks!

CFWheels and ORM

  Dec 14, 2009     12852 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (1)   

Object Relation mapping is one of the key feature in CFWheels. CFWheels makes things easier to start using ORM in your applications. The ORM configuration in CFWheels is implemented by creating a mapping between a database table and ColdFusion component in your application. To demonstrate ORM feature lets create a simple use case that list the available categories in a table with edit and delete links along a with add new category option.

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Installing CFWheels 1.0

  Nov 24, 2009     11431 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0 a production ready version hits the web today. To be frank I haven't tried it before and just want to understand its specific features over the other frameworks available for ColdFusion. So I have downloaded and installed it in my system. It's really simple to install CFWheels without worrying about setting any configuration variables that's one of its features as well. So without delay here is the simple 3 steps installation of CFWheels 1.0 framework in Windows with IIS.

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Adobe AIR 2 Beta available at Adobe Labs

  Nov 17, 2009     7929 Views      Adobe       Comments (0)   

The public beta of Adobe AIR 2 just hits the Adobe Labs. The new features of AIR 2 Beta as mentioned in Adobe Labs:

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Adobe DevSummit is Coming to Chennai

  Nov 12, 2009     6702 Views      Adobe       Comments (1)   

The wait is over finally we have the Adobe DevSummit at Chennai on coming November 24th with Excellent Sessions by the Adobe Team and Awesome Community Geeks. The registrations are already opened now having only limited seats, so hurry up and grab your gold pass for this Free Full day Event at Chennai Taj Coromandel.

Adobe DevSummit Agenda:
Adobe DevSummit Registration:

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