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Adobe ColdFusion 8 eSeminar Series From Sep 17 To Oct 15

  Sep 16, 2008     3778 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Adobe announces three eSeminar series on ColdFusion 8 from September 17, 2008 to October 15, 2008.You can find more details at Adobe.

eSeminar Titles
1.ColdFusion‐powered Rich Internet Applications ‐ Sep 17, 2008

2.Beyond HTML: Using Ajax, PDF, and More to Create Engaging Applications with ColdFusion 8 ‐ Sep 24, 2008

3.ColdFusion and AIR supply calendaring system for San Diego Department of Child Support Services (SDDCSS) ‐ Oct 15, 2008

Here is the link to register for the eSeminar Registration:

Using Result attribute in CFQuery to retrieve Auto-Generated Key on Insert in ColdFusion 8

  Sep 14, 2008     16400 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (1)   

ColdFusion 8 added the functionality of retrieving the Auto-Generated key ID in the result structure of the CFQuery after the insert operation which is specific to each databases used.

Database Specific Auto-Generated Keys:
Informix: SERIAL_COL
Oracle: ROWID

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Get Your Dropbox Beta!

  Sep 13, 2008     4759 Views      Tools & Utilities       Comments (0)   

Dropbox allows you to share and store your files, folders, photos online. Storing data over Dropbox is as easiest like just drag and drop your files and folders into Dropbox folder in your PC and it will get automatically synchronized with the Dropbox servers and goes online to your web account.

Get Your Dropbox at :
Info about Dropbox launch:

ColdSpring 1.2 Is Released with Cool New Website

  Sep 13, 2008     4050 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

ColdSpring - Spring Framework for ColdFusion has announced the final release ColdSpring 1.2 to download and the next thing is that ColdSpring 1.2 is reloaded with a pretty good new website which looks very great.

Get ColdSpring 1.2 at:
Brain Kotek Quick Start Guide: One Stop Site for ColdFusion Resources

  Sep 4, 2008     4237 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (2)   

Charlie Arehart well known ColdFusion Community geek new site will help you to find Tools and Resources for your any CFML needs. So bookmark it and before searching any resources for ColdFusion in Google use

Adobe ColdFusion 8 Enterprise is Free for Students and Faculties

  Sep 3, 2008     4067 Views      Adobe , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Finally following the Flex way Adobe announces ColdFusion is Free for Students and Faculties. This will help many of us in promoting ColdFusion to Colleges and Institutions. Especially in India it will be big booster for us to take ColdFusion to students and Computer Science faculties. Thanks Adobe for this great announcement.

Here is the Link to go :

More Informations to Read:

Kristen Schofield's Blog Post:
Ben Forta Blog Post :
ColdFusion FAQ :

Google Chrome Is My Default Browser

  Sep 3, 2008     18056 Views      Web , Google       Comments (7)   

Google Chrome is very fast indeed when loading the GMail, Reader, Notes, Docs, iGoogle, Calendar and other Google products and other web sites also loaded very faster than other browsers. Installation is very easy and I have asked to close my Firefox so that Chrome can import bookmarks and other stuffs form Firefox. Here is the list of features I have impressed more with Google Chrome.

Application Shortcut feature is great and you can create shortcuts in desktop, quick launch bar and Start menu for your favorite sites.

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