Installing Subversion Server and Client on Windows

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Last week I installed Subversion in my systems and found "Mere-Moments Guide to installing a Subversion server on Windows" very helpful indeed and which minimize my time from googling on for more information's about installation. I found another blog entry for subversion installation with screen-shots about each step during installation. I am sharing both the links here for your reference on installing Subversion and I'm sure it will save your time.

Joe White's Blog: Mere Moments Guide To Installing A Subversion Server On Windows: -server-on-windows/

Team Systems : Setting up a Subversion Server under (Installation steps with screen-shots) Windows: Windows.aspx

Download the (the link is no longer available in above blogs):
Subversion books
O'Reilly Online Book:
Manning Publications:
William Nagel:

During my installation I got some issues one after another they are mostly because of the spaces in svnserve.conf and in passwd files of svn_repos\conf folder. I am sharing this information because it will be useful during your installation process.

Error Message (This error occurred while starting the server manually and creating a project):

svn: C:\Documents and Settings\Subversion Repository\conf\svnserve.conf:12: Option expected
svn: Your commit message was left in a temporary file:
svn: 'svn-commit.3.tmp'

The issue is because in my svnserve.conf there where some leading space character I left while uncommenting my svnserve.conf file.

Cause for error: [general]

Altered Lines to Resolve the error:


Here is another link for Subversion installation from Brain kohars' Blog about Less Than Mere-Moments Installation of Subversion

Subclipse - Subversion Plug-in for Eclipse:

Download most recent version of Subclipse at

Installing Subclipse

Using Subclipse

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