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Free Subversion Repositories for Your Projects

  Dec 7, 2008     27969 Views      Subversion       Comments (13)   

There are various Free Subversion repositories spaces available for hosting our projects in the web among them here i would like to share some with great features. I had been using Subversion repository for one of my project and they had offered 500 MB of free private repository space but currently have stopped offering free private repositories. Here are the other alternatives for free Private Subversion repositories.

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BOLT An IDE for ColdFusion From Adobe

  Nov 19, 2008     7835 Views      ColdFusion       Comments (3)   

Adobe announced at the day 2 of MAX 2008 about the New ColdFusion IDE codename Bolt. Bolt will be tightly integrated with upcoming ColdFusion 9 codename Centaur.

Bolt is packed with the following Features:

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Post Your Favorite Flex 3 Feature And Win A Flex 3 Book

  Nov 18, 2008     8036 Views      Chennai CFUG , Books , Adobe       Comments (8)   

This is a giveaway for India Flex Developers or Flash Developers or beginners who are working or started learning Adobe Flex 3. All that you have to do is just post your favorite Flex 3 features you have more enjoyed while working with Flex and the reason.

Five best comments will be selected and the winners will receive Getting Started with Flex 3 book.

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Free ColdFusion Training For Students by Chennai ColdFusion User Group, India

  Nov 15, 2008     7427 Views      Chennai CFUG , ColdFusion       Comments (3)   

Chennai ColdFusion User Group is giving Free ColdFusion training for Students. This Training is intended to encourage the students to learn the basics of ColdFusion to build compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Adobe ColdFusion 8.

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ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial By PACKT Publishing

  Oct 28, 2008     12221 Views      Books , ColdFusion       Comments (3)   

ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial is written by John Farrar and published by PACKT Publishing. This book is for beginners to learn ColdFusion 8 and its new features in fast track manner without prior ColdFusion knowledge. It also covers the new features of ColdFusion 8 Update 1 release. This book will give you heads-up on not only in ColdFusion but also in the existing web 2.0 technologies and how to integrate them with ColdFusion.

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Register Your CF8 License and Get ColdFusion 8 Tag Posters

  Oct 21, 2008     6600 Views      Adobe , ColdFusion       Comments (0)   

Get your copy of CF8 tag poster by registering your Adobe ColdFusion 8 License here. More details at Kristen Sheffield blog.

You can download the Free CF8 tag Poster here.

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ChennaiCFUG September Meeting: Flex 3 in RIA and Adobe CS4 Launch Party

  Sep 18, 2008     5420 Views      Chennai CFUG , Adobe       Comments (0)   

Session 1: Flex 3 in RIA Development

This session will cover the basic overview of Adobe Flex 3 and about developing Rich Internet Application using Flex by N.S.Devraj.

Session 2: It's Going To Be Brilliant ‐ Adobe CS4 Launch Party

Be one of the first to see the next big thing from Adobe on 27 Sep 2008 with Chennai Adobe ColdFusion User Group. Join in to see and hear first hand how something very special will help you get to brilliant faster. Save the date and get a good look at what's to come.

If you would like to participate in the Adobe CS4 special webcast on 23 September, 2008, you can sign up here at

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