I am Akbarsait Noormohamed, a Technical Manager with a strong knowledge on web, mobile and data platforms having 13+ years of experience.

A Result oriented Scrum Master/ Agile Coach with a track record in achieving excellence in delivering complex projects, planning, developing high performing teams and driving continuous process improvements.

Expertise in requirements capturing and business specifications handling with a strong knowledge and understanding of business processes and requirements.

Please visit my LinkedIn Profile for my professional experience and references.

I am was an Adobe Community Champion for ColdFusion and Manager of Chennai ColdFusion User Group. I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tiruchirapalli, India. I spent my time with my cute little daughter Anika, Aakif and Wife Bena. I am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.

I have created this web space as a hobby and side project to keep a reference for myself and to share with others about the things I learned and learning while working with teams, building/delivering applications using technologies and methodologies like Agile / Scrum / waterfall approach to project execution. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my current or previous employers.

You can reach me through email at akbar@akbarsait.com or using my contact page.

About This Site

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About Me

CFML/Web/Mobile/Salesforce/Agile Enthusiast, Husband & Dad, an avid Technology, Android fan and creator of GetCFMLJobs.com. Currently working as a Sr.Consultant & TPM in Phoenix,  Arizona.

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