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Suggestions on Cheap and Reliable VPS Hosting for ColdFusion and Railo

Currently I'm using shared ColdFusion hosting for mine and my friends sites. These sites are running ok but I'm looking for more reliable one which also helps me to host as many sites as I want with an affordable price. Also I'm in a plan of moving some of these sites to Railo.

So in short I'm looking for your valuable suggestion on Cheap, Best and Reliable VPS Hosting provider for ColdFusion and Railo hosting.

Vivio Technologies http://www.viviotech.net

Been using them for years with nothing but excellent luck, and their customer service is absolutely amazing.
# Posted By Matt Woodward | 1/2/11 6:00 PM
+1 for viviotech
# Posted By PO Chassay | 1/2/11 6:21 PM
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 1/2/11 6:39 PM
I use RackSpaceCloud.com and I have no complaints.
The cheapest option is about $10/month. They install your choice of OS and you take it from there.
Note: This is only for people who know how to set up a web server from scratch. If you need a control panel to manage your server, look elsewhere.
# Posted By Russ S. | 1/2/11 7:12 PM
I have had a Railo VPS with vivio for over a year now. Been an excellent decision as they have been nothing but helpful and reliable for the service.
# Posted By Jbuda | 1/2/11 7:14 PM
+1 for Vivio. Great service and support!
# Posted By Jim Priest | 1/2/11 9:15 PM
Railo's 'official' list of hosting providers:


Pretty sure Go West Hosting offer Railo too (we need to get that confirmed and get them listed...).
# Posted By Sean Corfield | 1/2/11 9:25 PM
Ayera.com is a good one too. Let them know you are a CF developer for nice discounts on their VPS plans.
# Posted By Marc V. | 1/2/11 9:31 PM
+1 for Vivio Tech - just rock solid
# Posted By Felix Tjandrawibawa | 1/3/11 5:01 AM
If you are happy to set up everything such as the OS and CFML server etc then http://www.linode.com are worth looking at. Lots of options, monthly billing and low cost.
# Posted By John Whish | 1/3/11 8:42 AM
Thank @matt @Chassay @Tony @Jbuda @Jim @Felix for suggesting Vivio Technologies.
# Posted By Akbarsait | 1/3/11 10:28 AM
@sean Thanks for pointing to the Railo hosting link.

@Russ Thanks for information about RackSpace

@John Linode seems good on price and thanks for letting me know.

@Mark Ayera seems very expensive but thanks for pointing that.
# Posted By Akbarsait | 1/3/11 10:29 AM
Host Media offers both railo and ColdFusion host for pretty cheap. They even offer a free railo hosting option. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting.

# Posted By Magnus Thyvold | 1/3/11 4:01 PM
If I weren't already hosting my own servers, I would definitely go for Viviotech. Jordan Michaels really knows what he's doing!
# Posted By Paul Klinkenberg | 2/17/11 6:51 AM
I have been with viviotech on a railo vps for a few years now - I highly reccomend them.
# Posted By DKing | 6/23/11 10:12 AM
+5 to viviotech
# Posted By jack0093 | 7/26/11 5:40 AM
I think Streamed Server will be the best solution for you.
# Posted By VPS | 11/27/11 10:21 AM
I've never heard of Viviotech.

Be very wary of fake posts put up by members of hosting companies. This practice is fairly common and I find this the opposite of helpful.
# Posted By AnonymousReader | 8/29/12 11:50 AM
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# Posted By Madhab | 6/10/13 1:39 AM
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# Posted By cheap vps hosting | 8/16/13 12:30 AM
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# Posted By Mike | 3/25/14 10:14 AM

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