I am Akbarsait Noormohamed a Web, data technologist & Scrum Master with a strong knowledge on web, mobile and data platforms with 12+ years of experience.

A Result oriented Scrum Master/ Agile Coach with a track record in achieving excellence in delivering complex projects, planning, developing high performing teams and driving continuous process improvements.

Played roles as a Business System Analyst in developing requirements and specifications with a strong knowledge and understanding of business processes and requirements.

Technical expertise and experience in application development and management using agile\scrum and waterfall project execution methodologies. Experienced in data analysis, reporting and providing insights to leadership.

Please visit my LinkedIn Profile for my professional experience and references.

I am an Adobe Community Champion for ColdFusion and Manager of Chennai ColdFusion User Group. I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tiruchirapalli, India. I spent my time with my cute little daughter Anika, Wife Bena and family. I am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.

I have created this web space as a hobby and side project to keep a reference for myself and to share with others about the things I learned and learning while working with teams, building/delivering applications using technologies and methodologies like Agile / Scrum / waterfall approach to project execution. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my current or previous employers.

You can reach me through email at akbar@akbarsait.com or using my contact page.

About This Site

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About Me

CFML/Web/Mobile/Data/Agile Enthusiast, Husband & Dad, an avid Technology, Data Analysis, Android fan who works as Senior Consultant/Scrum Master and lives in Phoenix,  Arizona.

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